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The big post for “Fallin Up” (news, videos and photos)

January 11, 2011 Taboo

We’d like to add in this post all about his upcoming book so you don’t need to be searching for old post. But if you want too, click here

Taboo’s book is already finished. The title of this book is Keep It On The Positive Fallin’ Up: My Story and it was written by Taboo and the gost writer Steve Dennis. The book counts with three editions: Hardcover format, e-book and Paperback. This books publish date is February 8 2011 (world wide) and it has a suggested retail price of $24.99. There are 352 pages in the book.
The book will be available in spanish.
Taboo will be doing a few appearances in some bookstores from USA. That means he’ll be signing copies of his book. Here are the dates for New York and California:

We bring you some exclusive stuff about his upcoming book


  • Fallin Up: My Story Cover HQ

  • Fallin’ Up: My Story MQ

  • Fallin’ Up: My Story HQ
  • Check the video below, it’s Taboo during the photoshoot of this book.

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  1. BlackEyedShimi says:

    I want it now! :(

  2. buby05 says:

    yes me too. i pre ordered and im gonna get it on march. i cant wait !!

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